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  • Culture dedicated to creating hope and special moments 

  • Therapeutic activities created to meet individual needs 

  • Caring employees who quickly become trusted confidants and friends 

  • "Exergaming" experiences through the Lucynt Magic Table 

  • Ongoing commitment to ensure each Member has an effective way to communicate with us 

  • Physically and mentally stimulating activities designed to slow dementia progress and reduce cognitive decline 

  • Offering guidance to our families, so Members can remain living at home as long as possible 

  • Person Centered care focused on giving Members a chance to make choices 

  • Structured activities for all abilities, i.e: chair yoga, Ageless Grace, rhythm band, gardening, creative expression art, crossword puzzle solving etc.

  • Daily meditation, non-denominational spiritual moments, and gratitude journaling activities 

  • Located on the Garden Level of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 

"No matter where a person is on their life journey - no matter their diagnosis, health status, age, sensory needs, interests or abilities - CADC is here to offer support, hope, and unique experiences." 

-Susan A. Sinderson

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