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We help people to live healthy independent lives.


Loving Reminders provide phone-based messages that help people live better lives. Whether the individual is homebound, experiences mental and emotional distress, addictions or is developmentally disabled, our services provide reassurance, guidance, motivation and encouragement to individuals in need.


We provide personalized telephone calls that:



  • Monitor an individual’s wellbeing, and alert caregivers of possible needful situations.

  • Remind individuals to take their medications and perform their needed daily exercises.

  • Provide personal messages of guidance, encouragement and inspiration.


Medical Reminders

One of the leading cause of health problems with Seniors is their failure to take their medications or perform their prescribed exercises. Daily Medical Reminders will call your Senior, up to 3 times each day, and remind them to take their medication and do their exercises. In addition, you can schedule weekly or monthly calls for periodic medications.


Wellbeing Calls

You care about your Senior but it's difficult to reach out to them every day to know they're ok. Daily Care Calls give you the reassurance that your Senior is alright, while providing them a personal greeting in your voice, plus an interesting or inspiring daily message. You are alerted if your Senior doesn't respond the call.


Motivational Calls

Wouldn't your Senior like to hear each day a greeting from you or another family member, followed by an interesting and inspirational message? Our Daily Message service will call your Senior, play your greeting, and then play a daily message from one of several message libraries. Our message libraries include Humorous, Motivational, and Christian. Each day we'll play a different message and you can change libraries whenever you wish.